Week 7: Recap

Whats happening footy people? It’s already week 7 of the season! This summer is just flying by unfortunately. Hope you’re enjoying your Pan Am Games events and festivities. I was particularly excited to see the goddess Janelle Monáe performing during Panamania on August the 9th, and who can miss the “Louis Vuitton Don” himself, Kanye Kardashian performing in the city on July the 26th? Then I was reminded that those are both Sundays and I will be dedicating my time to the most dedicated footy players in the city. Quick detour to the UK to ask the Liverpool supporters out there how they’re feeling about Raheem Sterling’s $99.8 million (CAD) transfer to Man City, and Man City fan’s (…if there are any) how are you feeling about the new man? Now for the main event, we’ve got this weeks edition of Toronto Rush Week in Review.


This week we’ll start off at LCI where AS Rosso got back on track with a win over Team England. Rosso’s recent patchy form saw them take a point from a high scoring draw against leaders TIFC, and record a heavy loss against Toronto Eye Care. Klavius Jata and David Umut got the goals for Rosso. England captain Edwin Akit got one back for them, game ended 2-1. Next up was Superclasico, who got back to winning ways after last week’s self destruction against FC Humble Bees. Amar Kharod scored a brace for Super, captain Maytham Naqvi got one back for the Bees, game also ended 2-1.

Over at Cherry Beach, Toronto Eye Care was at it again, recording a solid 6-1 win against Rush FC. Eye Care were dominant throughout, scoring 3 in both halves. Toronto Eye Care’s Chad Aboud impressed, scoring an amazing hat trick leading his team to another 3 points. Eye Care is right on the heels of leaders TIFC being separated by 1 point. Eye Care have also outscored the leaders by 7 goals, but they have let in 6 more goals, so if they get that defense sorted TIFC will have a problem on their hands. In the next match, Ray Curley got the early goal for Eeeradicators when they faced Ras Tas Tas FC. RTT fought back to score 3 unanswered goals to put this game to bed. Ras are sitting pretty in 3rd place with the top 3 is only being separated by 1 point each. I’d say we have a 3 way title challenge beginning, watch out for this race as it builds momentum. In the next match, leaders TIFC faced Osasuna, Osa falling to score for their second 1-0 defeat in as many weeks. David Pabon got the game winning goal in a game that was looking like it would end in a draw. The last game of the night was a 0-0 draw between FC Doormat and SKC, not much to tell you about this one folks we’re going to file it under pass.


On a hot, humid Sunday morning at Lamport Stadium, Code Blue and FC Eagles squared off. Both teams exchanged plenty of chances, but Code Blue just converted more of them. Eric “E Squirrel” Stainton scored 4 goals to lead the Code Blue attack. With those goals, Eric sits at 8 goals only 1 behind Division 1 leader Duncan Smith. Ozun Yaman also converted a nice header goal for Code Blue. FC Eagles got a consolation goal with the game ending 6-1 for Code Blue.

Over at Crescent school, I made my debut as a goal keeper making up the numbers for a short Rush FC against leaders of Division 2 South Killtrocity. Killtrocity proved why they are at the top, scoring some brilliant goals including a soul crushing chip from the corner flag region. After shipping 9 goals, I took a long hard look in the mirror and decided that my playing days as a GK are over. This game ended 9-0. In the next game, the self proclaimed “hot heads” of Red Star FC held off from killing each other long enough to record a 1-0 victory over FTB. Captain Milos Paprica netted the only goal of the game to put pressure on Killtrocity who lead by 3 points. Red Star have far outscored Killtrocity this season with a whopping 31 goals from 7 games to Killtrocity’s 24, and with only 7 goals conceded they are a force to be reckoned with. In the last game, Toronto Blues served The New Guys their papers in a 3-1 victory. Sergio Vidal with an emphatic hat trick to put the blues within a point of 2nd place behind the Hooligans of Toronto (insert joke about cops catching hooligans here). Amith Menon got the consolation goal for The New Guys, game ended 3-1.

Over at LCI, Hell’s Satans beat FIC 2-1 to record only their 2nd victory this season. Goals were scored by Liam Doherty and Moe Younes for Satan’s, Ifrah Johnathan got one back for FIC. In the next match, The Lads opened up a 4 point gap at the top of Division 2 North with a 5-1 victory over ironically named Maldini FC, who should really be defending better if they’re going to be named after one of the greatest defenders of all time. In the last game, 2nd place Bay Street Hooligans put some pressure on the leaders by beating the 6th Division All-Stars. Bay Street will be happy to know The Lads have already forfeited their game next week if they needed any more motivation to close that gap. Phil Neves and Juan Pineros got the goals in a game that ended 2-0.

At Cherry Beach, the Care Bears and Dynamo shared the points in a 3rd vs 4th match where both sides will be gutted to not have taken the initiative as both sides are level on points, 1 point behind Bay Street with 11 points each. Glen Gardener and Albert Moreno got the goals for the Care Bears, Blaise Morin netted a brace for Dynamo, game ended 2-2. Off to Coxwell Avenue at Monarch Park, The Hooligans in Division 2 North gave quite a show, winning comprehensively in their game against East York City FC. East York have been struggling in this division this year as they fall to their 5th defeat in 7 games that leaves them at the bottom of the table with 4 points out of a possible 21, time to step it up lads.


On Sunday night at Monarch, it was a beautiful night for a game of footy. Foggy Goggles flexed their skills against Mosaic FC. Daniel Friedland, Nicole Markowitz, and Nathan Snowie from Foggy Goggles each scored 2 goals for their team. Sam Snell from Mosaic FC scored an amazing consolation goal. The game ended with a marvelous 6-1 result for Foggy.

The Sunday night game at Cherry Beach saw Arselona completely rout La Once in a 7-0 victory. Arselona are the only team across all divisions with a perfect record after 7 straight wins this season. Nathan Cragg led the way with a brace, and Captain Walter Andri, Mike Jenkins, N. Lobb, Jessica McGrogan, and Kensen Wah got on the score sheet. On Monday night at Cherry Beach, 2nd place Eagles flew high to a 6-0 beating of usually solid Brick Squad. Despite losing to them a few weeks backs, Eagles have really kept the pressure on Arselona as they’re only 3 pts behind the leaders although Arselona will be assured with a far superior goal differential.

In the West End of the city at LCI, Toronto Rush got off to quick start scoring the opening goal off a goal mouth scramble, which Sandra Pereira put away. Popeyes FC fought hard to get back into the game with women’s league double golden boot winner Yvonne Lae scoring the tying goal. Popeyes went on to score the next 2 to go up 3-1 at the half. The 2 teams exchanged a few more goals in the 2nd half with the game ending 5-2 in favour of Popeyes. Despite missing an early PK, Jonathan Hewitt led the way scoring a brace for Popeyes. In the next match, CIFC came to their game versus Spartans FC with a serious demeanor and ready to play. CIFC kept their defensive shape and took advantage of their scoring opportunities. Team captain Lionel Dossou led the way scoring twice showing some skillful finishing on the goals. Adam Harrison got the Spartans goal with the game ending CIFC 2-1.

And that’s all the action that took place in the leagues over the last week. As the summer gets hotter and more humid please remember to stay hydrated and bring lots of water to every venue as it may not always be available or provided. Also quick notice to those of you that wear metal knee braces with the metal exposed, be prepared for a talking to by the referees about them. To ensure everyone’s safety, it’s recommended that you cover your braces with some form of padding if you must wear them. With the various festivals about to commence around the GTA and all of the vacations I’m hearing about, we wish you all safe journeys! We’ll catch you same time same place, and as always enjoy your football!

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