Week 12: Recap

What’s going on footy folks? Before we recap the action in week 12 of Toronto Rush Summer Outdoor Leagues, let’s take the time look across the pond at the action in the greatest league in the world, the English Premier League. The transfer window slammed shut this Tuesday, and it appears none of the big teams felt the need to make any last minute signings before the deadline, except for Manchester United who signed Anthony Martial for $73 million (CAD), no comment. Of the big teams, who do you think had the better window? Personally I’m going to say Manchester City has, before a ball was kicked I tipped them to finish 4th but now I think they just might walk the league like Chelsea did last season. As always, we’ve got your weekly dose of Toronto Rush Week in Review.

Friday Men’s

In the first game on Friday night, Team England managed to put 3 past league leaders Toronto Eye Care unfortunately they were unable to prevent Eye Care from answering with 6 of their own. Nick Cooke got a hat trick for Eye Care, team mates Clive Romano, Howie Bender and Andrew Chan also got on the score sheet. Team England captain Edwin Akit scored a brace for his team, and Eric Bigos scored the other consolation goal in a game that ended 6-3 for Toronto Eye Care.

To start off the night at Cherry Beach, teams FC Humble Bee and AS Rosso kept their audience entertained throughout their game. With only a few minutes into the game, AS Rosso’s Alex Ryfka gave his team the advantage. FC Humble Bees fought back with a beautiful goal off a corner kick from Jason Hao to tie the game against AS Rosso, but Rosso weren’t looking to lose on the night, and scored 3 more goals, 2 of which came from Klevius Jata and another from Chris Mably. AS Rosso took home the W, game ended 4-1. In the next game, Osasuna impressed us yet again with their great sportsmanship and soccer skills during their game against SKC. Special recognition goes to Alexey Rudkovski from Osasuna for scoring two amazing goals for his team. Team players Rob Skringer and Andrea Nobrega kept their composure and gave SKC two goals. But this was not enough to beat Osasuna’s quick comeback. In the end Osasuna claimed the last goal, the game ended 4-2 against SKC. The third game for the night gave the audience quite a thrill. Though the Eeradicators were short players, they kept their energy and team sportsmanship throughout the night against Superclassicos. Players Lee Thompson and Tony Caporaletti showed off their skills by scoring two goals for the Eeeradicators. But this was not enough to beat Superclasicos for the night. Superclasicos took it home with a score of 5-2 against Eeradicators. The last game for the night between FC Doormat and Ras Tas Tas FC kept their audience awake. The first goal was scored from Ras Tas Tas FC’s Nakil Aalla after a great run for the ball, which gave his team the advantage. FC Doormat struck back, but it was not enough to win the game against Ras Tas Tas FC. In the end, the score was 2-1 for Ras Tas Tas FC against FC Doormat.

Sunday Men’s

The morning kickoff at Lamport saw the Hooligans of Toronto take on Code Blue. This was a key game for both teams as the Hooligans need a result to maintain top position, while Code Blue need to keep winning for any chance at making the top 4 and playoffs. Code Blue got out to an early lead and never looked back. Their intricate passing and clinical finishing are what separated the 2 sides. Code Blue finished off their chances with Eric “Squirrel” Stainton leading the charge with a hat trick. It’s unfortunate that the Hooligans keeper went down with an injury in the latter half of the first half, but regardless Code Blue had this cinched by then. Game ended 5-2.

At Crescent School later that evening, Sportingwood did not stand a chance against Barca Internazionale’s amazing footy skills. Barca kept up their energy and sportsmanship throughout the night and had an outstanding game beating Sportingwood 4-1. Dani Deluca scored two goals for his team and another two goals were followed by Mike Prouse and Kris Garcia for Barca. In the next game, Red Star FC was at it again in their game against FTB. This team is worthwhile to watch and gives you quite the entertainment, no matter how late it is. Special recognition goes to the captain himself of Red Star FC, Milos Paprica for scoring the 2 goals for his team. Red Star’s captain put himself out there by scoring an amazing first goal after a great run and another goal that rocked the net with a powerful kick. In the end, Red Star FC took it home, yet again, winning the game with a score of 2-1 against FTB.

Over at LCI, Care Bears put 6 past East York City FC in an early evening shellacking that saw Nick Hawksworth-Taylor bag a brace as well as Matthias Grasbeunder, while Suraj Shah and Ted Killin also got on the score sheet for the Care Bears. Game ended 6-0. Next up, Hooligans faced the 6th Division All Stars in a hotly contested 2-2 draw. This game saw 3 yellow cards for the Hooligans as Paddy Farrant and Ray Hennesy got the goals for them, while Benjamin Yellowlees and John Oliveria scored for 6th Division. In the last game, FIC FC got a late penalty to cancel out Hell Satans early lead in a game that ended 1-1. Nick Batov got the goal for the Satans while Demba Kamara scored from the spot for FIC.

At Monarch Park, The New Guys took on Cholo FC. This match was a good, back and forth affair with both teams getting a goal. Both teams played hard, battling to get the upper hand by scoring the next goal. Unfortunately, neither team could manage the go ahead goal. The unofficial game ended 1-1, but due to a few non-Cholos sneaking in to play the game The New Guys won by default 5-0. While at Cherry Beach, Bay Street Hooligans took on Maldini FC, beating them by 3 goals to 1. Andrej Andrin, Matt Chalupka and Dominik Lieskovsky got the goals for Bay Street, while Kiel O’Sullivan pulled one back for Maldini.

Sun/Mon Co-ed

On Sunday night, once again Arselona won their 12th straight from the start of the season and are now only 2 wins away from a perfect season. Mosaic put up a fight at least to start the game and their keeper Rob Weir made a ton of saves to try to keep his side in it. In the end Arselona and Sean Beck specifically were too much to handle. Sean zigzagged his way through the Mosaic team like it was nobody’s business scoring 4 goals! Even the Legend himself, Seth Bamfo was impressed who scored the other goal as Arselona won 5-0.

The following night at LCI, Brick Squad put 4 past Popeyes FC, Popeyes managed to answer back with 2 of their own. Ryan Bond in Ryan Bond fashion scored a hat trick, with Captain Teresa Pastore grabbing the other goal. Dave Phillips and Popeyes Captain Tom Oddie scored the consolations. Game ended 4-2. In the following game, La Once put 4 past the indy team, Youssouf Ismael, Cale Granton, Steven Naula, and Captain David Regali grabbed the goals for them. Daniel Presta got the goal back for Rush.

At Cherry Beach, the result for the co-ed game between the Eagles and CIFC was expected, but the way it transpired was not. A much improved CIFC played well to start of the game and opened the scoring. The experienced Eagles side didn’t panic scoring the next two goals to take the lead going into the second half. CIFC kept their heads down, worked hard and eventually scored to tie it up. The two teams battled until the Eagles’ pressure finally broke through scoring the winner off a corner kick. Game ended 3-2.

That wraps up the action for this week’s league games. Remember that there are no games this weekend because we don’t do long weekends. Get out of town one last time before the school and fall activities suffocate us all. Also remember that if there’s a player on the game sheet who does not appear on the online roster, the game is automatically a forfeit. There will be no more taps on the shoulder or the tedious guessing games, it’s been roughly 14 weeks since the seasons commenced, if you are not aware of the rules by now you’ve made a commitment to not learning them and we will no longer oblige. Enjoy your long weekend, your BBQ’s, your family and friends, send the summer off right, and as always, enjoy your footy!