Week 10: Recap

How’s it going out there footy heads? It’s a bit surreal to be in the 3rd week of the Premier League in mid August but the sooner I get to play fantasy the better. This week I’ve become a firm believer in Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho’s 3rd season syndrome. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it comes from him virtually imploding in the 3rd season of his managerial reign with any club he has been at for at least 3 seasons in his career, including Chelsea in the past. A brief history of the special one shows he has managed at Benfica (half a season), Uniao de Leiria (half a season), Porto (2 and half seasons) , Chelsea (3 seasons) , Internazionale (2 seasons), Real Madrid (3 seasons) and Chelsea round 2 (2013- ). As he has already started blaming his team doctors and physio for his teams woeful performances, I’d say we’re in for one long Mourinho saga filled season. Back to the real reason you’re here though, we are now in week 10 of Toronto Rush outdoor leagues, that means the playoff pictures are starting to come into full focus, the title races are getting a bit more definition, and as always we’ve got edition 10 of Toronto Rush Week-in-review.

Friday Men’s

On Friday night, Superclasico took on Team England in a competitive back and forth game that saw Super come out on top. Sergio Marchesini led his team to victory with a brace that keeps them in the hunt for a place in the playoffs. There are 3 points that separate the 4th and the 8th place team, so that last playoff spot could be for anybody, watch this space. This game ended 3-2 for the Super boys. Next up SKC and TIFC faced each other under in a match that yielded no winners or losers. SKC will be looking over their shoulders as they hold the 4th place spot on the table for now, but as discussed above they might not be there for long as the team below them, Ras Tas Tas, are level on points. Seba Carrizo took his goal tally up to 7 making him SKC’s highest scorere all season, 7 in 10 is not to shabby at all. Game ended 2-2.

Across the Gardiner at Cherry Beach, with 2 amazing goals in the first half of the game, AS Rosso showed the onlookers the true definition of sportsmanship in soccer. Goals were scored by AS Rosso’s Alex Ryfka and Klevius Jeta for their game against FC Doormat. Important to note Ryfka has got one hand already on the golden boot with a whopping 14 goals scored this season. Though FC Doormat scored a penalty kick in the second half by Scott Barr, it was not enough to catch up to AS Rosso’s score. In the end, AS Rosso killed the game with a win of 3-1 against FC Doormat. Next up, Toronto Eye Care owned their game against Ras Tas Tas FC. Eye Care players Andrew Chan and Nick Williams gave their team quite the big advantage during the game. Ras Tas Tas tried to fight back but Toronto Eye Care refused to lose the game on the night. The battle was won with a score of 2-0 for Toronto Eye Care against Ras Tas Tas FC. In the third game of the night, The Humble Bees didn’t look too humble after their formidable win against Rush FC, with a convincing 2-1 result against Rush FC. Bees captain Maytham Naqvi and Sameer Badshah got the goals for their team. In the last game, Osasuna didn’t hold back in their match with Eeeradicators. Osasuna’s John O’Brien gave Eeeradicators a really hard time, scoring a brace for his team. Not only was there effort in Osasuna’s team, but they showed the true definition of teamwork. The game ended 5-0 for Osa.

Sunday Men’s

FIC jumped on FC Rush from the start scoring early and often in the morning match at Lamport Stadium. At the end of it, FIC managed to get 5 past the Rush keeper with the game ending 5-0 for the boys from Div 2S.

North of Sunnybrook at Crescent School, One of the most nerve racking games of the night, Care Bears and Hooligans kept the bystanders entertained during their Div 2 North game. Both teams equally battled it out against each other and showed us a thing or two about soccer. The game began with a goal from the Hooligans in the first half from Theodore Dela Avle. Needless to say, Care Bears gave Hooligans quite the scare in the second half after tying the game with a goal from Matthias Grasbeunder. The game ended with a tied scored of 1-1. For the next game of the night, both Hell’s Satans and FTB kept their composure during their game. Each team struggled to score at least one goal during the first and second halves, but good guy Chris Flores put this game to rest with his penalty kick goal. FTB, in the end, won the game1-0. FC Eagles and Cholo FC duked it out till the very last second of the next game. Cholo FC’s Somto Okankwo surprised us, finishing off a beautifully worked team goal. FC Eagle’s Ali Hamani pulled one back for his team, this game ended 1-1. To top off the night, teams Barca and The New Guys played a very intense game. The battle became a storm after each team struggled for a goal. Little did Barca know, The New Guys would take the win for the night after a goal from Peter Valente. Barca struggled to fight back but in the end, The New Guys took it home with a score of 1-0 against Barca.

The first game of the day at LCI saw Toronto Blues and the Hooligans of Toronto battle it out for 2nd place in D1. Ryan Rigby opened the scoring for the Blues at the end of the 1st half. The Hooligans responded at the start of the 2nd half through Brent Lukowski’s nice finish. The game ended 1-1 as the two teams shared the points with the Hooligans holding on to 2nd spot by just one point. They’ll be gutted they didn’t capitalize on the league leaders Barca finally taking an L. Next up, Red Star grabbed first place with a 3-1 win over Killtrocity. Milos P bagged a brace while Vlado sealed off the victory with an audacious long range effort from just over the halfway line, shortly after a late penalty goal from Killtrocity. Red Star captain Milos told me candidly a few weeks back they had this game marked on a calendar and would be ready for the Kill (no pun intended….or was it?). Good to see they’ve delivered on that. In the next one Bay Street Hooligans saw off Dynamo 3-0 who went down a man early with a red card. Short and simple with that one. In the final game, Maldini FC pulled off an impressive 3-2 win with only 9 men on hand, with keeper Justin shaking off a howler of a tying goal to shut down the late pressure from 6th Division All Stars.

At Monarch, an undermanned Code Blue did their best hold off Sportingwood’s attack, but before the half ended Sam Snell put them ahead on a well played pass and finish. Eventually, Code Blue could no longer hold on and conceded another 3 goals. Sam led the way for Sportingwood with a brace and the game ended 4-0.

At Cherry, with East York City looking for their second win of the season they found themselves taking on The Lads who are second from the top of Sundays Mens Division 2 North. It was an exciting game with both teams making plenty goal scoring opportunities. In the 15th min of the first half The Lads found themselves a man short due to a red card. Despite being the absence, the lads came out with the W, a 1-0 win. David Grabowski grabbed the only goal of the game.

Sunday/ Mon Co-Ed

On Sunday night at Cherry, Brick Squad defeated Foggy Goggles to throw them into the foray of teams battling it out for playoff spots, as 3 points separate the 4 teams from 3rd to 6th place. Ryan Bond scored his 7th of the season, and Jeff Haig rounded off the scoring to end the game 2-0 to the Brick.

On Monday night at LCI, Arselona continued their reign of terror winning their 10th straight game as Seth “Legend” Bamfo scored his 16th of the season. CIFC were all at sea with Arselona’s attacking prowess on display netting 6 times. The game ended 6-0 to Arselona. In the next match Eagles kept up the pace with Arselona working Popeyes over with a 4-0 drubbing. Cam Medwin scored a brace, while Jeff Reider and AJ Park rounded off the scoring.

Over at Cherry Beach, Toronto Rush put in a good effort and got on the score sheet through Angus Gordon but it was Mosaic that ran out the victors in this game with a brace for Max Hammoudeh, and goal for Andrew Murdoch and Sam Snell put this game to bed. Game ended 4-1 for Mosaic.

And that concludes last weekends action. We’ll be back next week on the same schedule. My weekly tip for the players out there is bug spray and antihistamine as the nights are getting muggy and humid. Also if anyone would like to send me fantasy footy tips it would be much appreciated as I’m currently the laughing stock of the office pool. See you this weekend, and always, enjoy your footy!

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