Top 5 Things you should never say to your teammates


What is good footy people, how is your summer going? New things in our league this year, i.e. new pitches, extra linesmen, a few new faces in staff, a few old faces in new roles, a few new refs. We haven’t done one of these in a while mainly because of the craziness of the first few weeks, but now that we’re all strapped in and on this ride, we’ve decided to bust up the silence with our first blog of the summer from our top 5 series, The Top 5 things you should never say to your teammates (it was a working title, we kept it, meh.) Enjoy!


  1. Why did you score on our own net?

Lads, it’s football. It happens to the best of players, it will definitely happen in REC soccer. Every now and again there is going to be a mistimed header, or a heavy back pass, or even a rogue clearance that finds its way past your own keeper and into the net. The important thing is to pick up your team mates in this situation, because as in professional football, once your confidence is gone, these things get worse (cough Ciaran Clark a la Euros cough).


  1. Why didn’t you pass it to me? (After team mate scores a goal)

There are some Cristiano Ronaldo type figures in our league, not quite in skill but in attitude. No one likes a downer, if your team mate was confident enough to finish off his chance there is no need to wring him out even if you were in a better position to score the goal. I know the golden boot award looks lovely over the fire place, but the important trophy is the league cup. Also, the aim of the game is to score goals, to haggle over goal type is a bit of a reach for Rec soccer n’est ce pas? Don’t be that bloke.


  1. Are you ever going to play defence?

The answer to that question is usually no, followed by some Lee Bowyer v. Kieron Dyer type action (look it up, I promise you won’t regret it). You have to discuss these things before hand, perhaps populate the team with the right kind of players to fit all roles, but if you have to ask that question, chances are you’re already on a fastest route to a meltdown.


  1. Are you going to let her school you like that?

Hey gents in our co-ed league, do you smell that? It’s coffee, and oh look, it’s 2016. There are females in our leagues that ball harder than they look, don’t judge a player by the difference in muscle mass and the softer facial features (easy ladies that’s pure science… I hope). You will get skinned, and when it does happen, (and it has… true story) please refrain from the snide remarks, your cave man rhetoric is unwelcome.


  1. Why didn’t you stop him? (TO GK)

They say you’ve got to be a bit crazy to be a goal keeper. Crazy is the word I’d use to describe anyone comfortable going head first at the cleats of an onrushing player with the ball in a one v one situation. It is not an easy gig, so to take a dig at your keeper out after a complete lapse in defense is a bit unreasonable.


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