Top 5 Things You Can’t Pull off With a 2nd Linesman

What is new footy folk, it has been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you, without a dope blog to… read. Now that we’re in the swing of things in our 2017 edition of Toronto Rush, it was only right that we brought back the Rush Blogs series, and poke a little fun by giving you the top 5 things you can’t pull off now that we have “secured the bag” and brought in a second linesmen for our games. ENJOY!


1      No, no, sir, you don’t know better than the refs.

We all know the guy, always arguing every call against him, never thinking he’s done anything wrong, always got something to say about a call. With an additional assistant referee, the calls are more accurate with far greater accountability by the individuals calling the game on the field at any given time. So no, the ref isn’t just “hating” on you, and all of your recreational football glory.



It is apparent that a lot of players are not privy to some nuances in the official rules of the game handed down to us by our Swiss overlords. Luckily, our assistants get paid to learn all those gems, begrudgingly at times admittedly. Also, with one referee, it was a common dig that our extremely experienced referees could not make accurate offside calls on the side sans assistant. That common chirp passed away last summer. The wake was lovely, they served quiche.


3      6 Eyes are better than 4

There are a few players that have mastered the dark arts; a few players that worship at the altar of Luis Suarez. With the extra assistant referee, it is easier to monitor and hopefully prevent players from going full Hannibal on us.



I am not aware of anyone being paid by Toronto Rush to feature in the league, therefore I think it’s safe to say we want to play in as safe an environment as possible to allow us to get home in one piece, and to work on Monday morning. An extra assistant referee allows us the presence needed to keep a game a bit more Thiago Silva instead of Anderson Silva (ha, I made a funny).


5      Who wants to play in a game with one assistant ref?

Need I say more?


Well gents, I hope you’re enjoying Summer 17 and I hope you are enjoying the league. We look forward to seeing how teams progress this summer and we’re all excited for playoffs. Best of luck, and as always enjoy your footy!


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