2015 Season Wrap Up

We’d like to thank all the teams that took part in this summer’s leagues. Thanks everyone for the memories we made, you’re all the real MVP! Special shout out to all the playoff winners, but especially the underdogs, Sportingwood, The Lads and FTB bravo! TIFC put together a solid final congrats to them! To Arselona, 16 games, 16 wins, perfect season congrats to them! Better luck next time to everyone whose season wasn’t as successful. Remember to check out all of the playoff pics on the Toronto Rush FC Facebook and Instagram page. All the championship photos and golden boot winners, everything should be there so make sure you check them out, claim them, post them to your page, we encourage it. Don’t forget to give us a quick shout out also, any mentions will be much appreciated! We’ll see you next summer, and as always, enjoy your footy!